Speak so that we can be Free. Love, so that we can all be liberated.

Let the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart, be a channel for the Love and humble wisdom of the Universe to find a voice and a safe place to speak. When we use our voices, hearts listen, minds open and souls respond. We are all on a journey, collecting bits and pieces of ourselves as we share our stories with each other. There's still so much things to say about these times we live in.

Continuing her beloved grandparent’s legacy and message of One Love, Donisha now speaks to audiences with presentations which are dynamic, passionate and extremely entertaining.



Every day, everywhere in the world a woman is abused, exploited and underappreciated. Still, there are women who defy challenges and use their negative experiences to become role models. Rita Marley is one of those women. As a little girl growing up in the ghetto, she was teased because of how black her skin and would sometimes go days without proper food. Though her stomach was hungry, her voice was strong. As a teenager she meets and falls in love with a young ‘half-caste’ country boy with brown skin and they begin to sing together. They are like magic together. Soon she would rise like a Phoe- nix from her ‘third world’ life experience to be crowned a Queen of Reggae beside her husband the King of Reggae Bob Marley.

But life in the spotlight isn’t easy as reggae music is seen as a tool for social change, and the politicians are taking note. At 33 years old, with a bullet in her head from an attempted assassination and 12 children to tend to, only 6 are her own, Rita experiences a tragedy that resonated around the world that threatened to take her voice away. Bob Marley is gone, but he leaves her with a duty, to continue to sing and build African unity. Today, Rita lives in Ghana as a Queen Mother of her village and a returning citizen to a Promised Land her ancestors were taken from. Donisha tells the story of her grandmother’s jour- ney through visuals, songs and stories taken from her Nana’s autobiography No Woman, No Cry. 


An analysis of Bob Marley’s music with live performance and sing along. What are the key messages hidden in the lyrics? What is the social context that inspired this music and how does the music of today re ect same of these same revolution- ary ideas? Donisha takes us on a musical journey through the socio-political landscape that de ned Bob Marley’s songs of freedom. From his days of rejection as a youth with a black mother and a white father to the assassination attempt on his life while rehearsing for the One Love Peace Concert in 1976 – get an intimate perspective of this one man’s struggle, whose lifetime has created a whole new way of thinking, defying time, space, language and nationality to sing a redemption song. 


Is there a place for the hopeless sinner who has hurt all mankind just to save his own soul? Bob Marley’s answer becomes the song of the millennium – “One Love, One Heart, Let’s get together and feel alright.” What are some of the ways that we can truly embody the idea of one love in our daily living? And how do we nd sustainable ways to make change beyond the idea of charity to the culture of humanity? 


Bob, Rita & the Music that Changed the World

Hear first-hand about the history of Bob and Rita Marley, from their humble beginnings, to their world-wide in uence from the perspective of a close family member. With her expertise in the performing arts, Donisha lets the audience feel what is was like for Bob and Rita to go through all of the tribulations and triumphs – every step of the way – on their incredible jour- ney that changed the world. As a veteran stage performer, Donisha is also able to give audiences a palpable sense of what it was like to be loved by those that the world loved. 

NATTY DREAD: Life’s Lessons from the Rastafari Culture

The only thing dreaded in the Rastafari Lifestyle is hair. Misinformation and stereotypes has led to the condemnation and misunderstanding of what it means to be a Rastafari – practically turning its main totem Love into a “four letter word.” Audi- ences will be educated and inspired by the messages of Bob Marley’s music and his granddaughter’s passion to dispel any misconceptions about the world of the Rastafari and teach its culture’s keys to happiness. Listeners can now learn how to apply these lessons learned and unlock the richness of their own life. 

“I AM THE CHANGE”: How One Person Can Make a Difference

There is a new empowering message on the horizon that will demonstrate the power of Bob Marley’s whole-hearted belief and eternal message – that it just takes one person to change the world– giving today’s youth not only hope, but a platform to launch themselves into empowerment and achievement. Could you be Loved, then be Love? It begins with One... Love. 

Continuing her beloved grandparent’s legacy and message of One Love, Donisha now speaks to audiences with presentations which are dynamic, passionate and extremely entertaining.

She is, at heart, a true artist whose fresh and vibrant talent spans many disciplines as an actor, lmmaker, musician and public advocate. 

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