H.E.A.L.I.N.G. in Tivoli Gardens

"As an Activist, HeArtist and Filmmaker, I believe it is imperative to be conscious always of the fact that pictures create memories. And these moments form experiences and perspectives which ultimately define character. As a Nation builder I use my Art to Inspire conversations and observations, ensuring always to share what I can with the each generation in a way that they can take the knowledge and insight positive change within their community, using innovative ideas and creative applications to empower image-in-nation.

Photo by Wade Hudson

Using film as a tool for community engagement, we wanted to inspire the children of one of Jamaica's most violent and notorious inner-city communities to begin the healing process through film, travel and the aspiration of peaceful coexistence.

Film as a tool for H.E.A.L.I.N.G.

Helping Each Appreciate Love Is Necessary to Grow

These short films were made with the assistance of the Tivoli Gardens Peace & Film Club which was created in May 2011 on the initiative of the children, just one year after a government military operation in pursue of one man resulted in the deaths of over 200 people in a 3 day period.

We continue to support their efforts to evolve and be Changemakers within their community.

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Teaching a lesson, A short film

Each One,Teach One

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To inspire a generation to be greater than the circumstances we sometimes find ourselves in... Use the tools granted to us in a positive way to build our Nation. 

Each One, Heal One

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'Life Goes On' Song by Jamaican Artist, Deep Jahi

Music Video Co-produced by Tivoli Gardens Peace & Film Club

Each One, Remember One

In a place where some say nothing can grow... 

We find ourselves expanding our platform from being Content Creators

 and Storytellers to cultivating a physical space for Art and Nation building to coexist, literally.

The Homework Center, also known as T.H.C., is our newest project. A small Community Space with shady trees located in the heart of the streets of concrete houses in Westchester, Portmore. Once a broken playground and old barbershop, now filled with books, documentaries, musical instruments and other information tools for all ages, collected from years of book drives at events and from our travels around the world.

Here are the programs THC will focussed on this year.

The Homework Center (THC) is a global space for Art, exchange and inspiration that

facilitates the principle and practice that‘Each one can teach one...'
Even if you speak different languages.’

As part of our alternative curriculum for 2016-2017, THC will be hosting a series of workshops focused on Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Music Production, Film making and Photography. Workshops will allow our young nation builders to expand their creative portfolios, and presenters to becomes student teacher, as our youths show what they know.

If you are interested in presenting a program at THC or just want to find out more information please contact us

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" Earth without ART is jus' 'eh' "

Manifesto Jamaica's mission is to develop and attract opportunities for young people that inspire creativity, productivity and elevated consciousness, by harnessing the talents of nation builders. BE A PART OF IT! 

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