Campaign Statement: Do you know Reggae? Do you know Jamaica? Do you know Pinnacle

The birthplace of the RasTafari movement is still being taken away from it’s people. 

We built it before. We will rebuild it again.

We Remember Pinnacle.

Campaign Goal: Create a global awareness about the history, destruction and needed justice of the birthplace of RasTafari

Campaign Hashtag to Use: #REMEMBERPINNACLE

With our voices united, together we can spread the history of Pinnacle across the globe.


  • Get government to Identify LPH Foundation & Pinnacle Land Trust as the administrators.
  • Push a motion to grant more sites at Pinnacle to be protected as National Heritage, including the bakery, well, caves and burial grounds.
  • Push for remainder of land to be put into the Pinnacle Trust so RasTafari can finally continue the work we began at Pinnacle, establishing safe spaces and economic opportunities for the community to develop and thrive. 
  • To establish a Museum to honour the legacy that Howell land the Early Rastafari movement created at Pinnacle. The Museum will be designed by Billy Howell, architect, fine artist and son of Leonard Howell.
  • To erect a 7ft statue of Leonard Howell and Memorial Wall with the names of Rastafari from all across the world, names carved in stone from the Mountains of Pinnacle.

Our Call to Action Partners

  • LPH Foundation
  • RTBR
  • Bob Marley Foundation
  • Rita Marley Foundation
  • Global Gallery

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Police raid at Pinnacle.

A self-sufficient community of people creating a new identity for themselves in a colonial world.

Imagine being persecuted simply for trying to find a way to live and an identity indigenous to a time and place,  beyond the physical.

"We must become something for which our environment and education have ill prepared us. 
We must become members of a new race, overcoming petty prejudice to achieve the ultimate allegiance, 
which is not to Nations, but to Humans." 
-H.I.M Emperor Haile Selassie I.


Bob Marley's granddaughter has become involved in a campaign to protect the site of Jamaica's first Rastafarian community, it appears.

Donisha Prendergast and other supporters are occupying a tabernacle - a Rastafarian place of worship - near the village established by Leonard P Howell in the 1930s, according to the Jamaica Gleaner.

The campaign wants the property - a hilltop called The Pinnacle west of the capital, Kingston - to belong to the Howell family and the community.
No black person in Jamaica owned property, nothing compared to Pinnacle
Monty Howell, Jamaica Observer

Prendergast told the newspaper: "We are not going anywhere, one by one we are filing in, we are going to camp out and reason."
It appears that the Rastafarian community may have no title to the land, but they claim they are entitled to use it due to their historical and cultural connection to the site.

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As the days progress the truth rises, and the stains of past injustices present themselves. It is without a doubt that there are many layers to the story of how the lands of Pinnacle have been taken and sub-divided, and it is without reservation that we question the capacity of the Jamaican government, both past and present, in protecting her people and the rights to our Heritage, the true root of it. Now what we want, as has been stated before, is clarity and tangible efforts to move forward in a way that seeks to remedy the situation with due provision of lands and ability to practice our principles in safety.

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The resolution to the problems facing Pinnacle today demands the attention of us all. To find out how you can lend your talents, time, skills, and efforts to the Remember Pinnacle Movement send through your message here.

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